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Re: New Installation = Insteon

Neil Cherry <njc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> On 10 Sep 2007 09:06:51 GMT, Charlie wrote:
>> "T. C. Conde" <tcconde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>> news:Vg1ji.998$bz7.40@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>>> I have done several houses in UPB and it is the way to go. It is
>>> actually X-10 version 2.0 and it is just great. FOR ME, it has been
>>> 100% bulletproof.
>> Tim, do you have a link to UPB?  I got the Insteon starter kit a year
>> ago.  I've heard a lot of bad things about Insteon products since
>> then, and am reluctant to use them.  Since my starter kit is capable
>> of sending X10 commands, can I use this to address UPB?
> UPB doesn't understand X10 commands, actually Insteon protocol doesn't
> understand X10 either but many Insteon devices have support for X10
> the X10 protocol too.
> Here's a link to a site with some info on UPB:
> http://www.pulseworx.com/
> I'd recommend searching for upb and dimmer that should get you other
> sites with further info.
> There is an X10 to UPB translator:
> http://www.architechtronics.com/chameleoplc.html
> I have no affiliation with either of these links.

Much thanks, Neil.  I was hoping that Insteon would be able to send X-10
to UPB as you refer to it as "X-10 version 2.0".

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