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Re: Fan timer with "stay on" option

Arfa Daily (arfa.daily@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

>I don't know whereabouts you are, but here in the UK, such an item is
>commonly available as a shower extractor fan with a built in light


>It is hooked into the normal lighting circuit, and as long as the light is
>on, the fan runs. When you switch off the light, the fan continues to run up
>to an adjustable time of 20 minutes

That's interesting.  I don't want to leave a light on when the fan is
running, but I wasn't going to have a light hooked up to the fan anyway.
Sounds like I could use such a switch on a fan, without a light, and
leave the switch on if I want ventilation overnight, say.  I wouldn't care
if, when I go turn the fan off, it keeps on running for a few minutes
after I switch it off.

Thanks.  You may have come up with a creative solution that the fan
company tech support didn't.

I live in the USA.


 >"Lacustral" <lark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Is there a fan timer that has an option to just leave it on?  I'm planning
>> to get a bathroom fan, but I also want to be able to just leave it on, to
>> use it to clear air out of the house generally.  The fan wouldn't be more
>> than about 2 amps.
>> I'm sure it's also possible to set up a circuit to bypass a timer that
>> doesn't have a "stay on" switch.  How would one do that?
>> I want a quiet fan timer.  Someone told me of a timer which goes up to
>> 12 hours, but they said it makes noise.  So something electronic, maybe.
>> Something quiet that goes up to 12 hours would be fine, as long as it
>> also lets you leave the fan on for only a few minutes.
>> Such a thing wouldn't have to be a *fan* timer specifically, any timer
>> that has a "stay on" option that is good up to 2 amps or so would work.
>> Thanks
>> Laura

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