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Re: Measuring liquid level with bubbles using an ultrasonic transducer

The simple answer is it won't work as you desire.  A number of years ago I
had a similar application but it was to keep a sump at a specified water
level by opening a solenoid valve.  Upon start up with water being induced
to the sump cause a great deal of waves in the tank.  Was so bad I thought
the relay was going to self destruct.  Bad news!!!

The final solution was to insert a 4" dia. plastic pipe in one corner of the
sump that extended below the water line.  Placed the transducer in the pipe
to read the level in the pipe.  On initial start there was a problem with
the transducer seeing water droplets on the side wall of the pipe and not
turning on the solenoid to refill.  But after a few hours the pipe would get
a coating of water film and the bubbles would be gone.  All was well.  Would
have also helped had I used a bigger diameter pipe but space was limited.  I
could changed the transducer to one with a smaller sensing range so it would
not see the side of the pipe but I was already over budget for the project.

Sooooooo on your project it would be advisable to attempt to do similar with
a pipe or a portion of the tank that can be bubble free and wave free and it
should work.  You may need to experiment a
bit................................or a lot.

Good luck!!!


> Hello, i got a tank that needs a control of liquid level, i was
> thinking about using an ultrasonic transducer, but my problem is that,
> when the tank is being filling produces many many bubbles maybe if the
> tank has 4 meter, 1 meter are bubbles, my question is if the
> ultrasonic transducer will be able to measure the real level of the
> liquid?.
> In addition the tank is in almost vacuum, the transducer can has
> problems with this?. Thanks in advance.

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