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MI5 Persecution: Stand up for Free Speech 14/8/95 (854)

From: rji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Richard Ingram)
Newsgroups: uk.misc
Date: Mon Aug 14 10:08:32 1995

Some cencorship loving bore wrote :

> In article <GEVANS.95Aug14094119@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> gevans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Gareth Evans) writes:
>   His sysadmin is also next to useless, and has not replied to my request or
>   even acknowledged it. Maybe this person *is* a sysadmin?
> He's not. It seems the public access site he uses has got no proper
> management over its users. Here's a copy of a reply I got from a
> complaint I made. [After returning every one of Corley's postings to

[snip a large pile of winging complaining drivel]

Geez what a bunch of tossers you all are - you don't like someones postings so
you try and get him evicted from the net, why not just use a kill file - you
DONT have to read his posts/threads now do you ?

Why is it the net is getting populated by the biggest bunch of self absorbed
little Hitlers ? You don't like someones posts so you bloody complain or mail
bomb them - grow up you bunch of fucking sad gits !



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