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Re: Older Active Home (v 1.3) / DST Question

Thanks to all who have considered and replied. But as I think about it
more, because all my simple setup cares about is executing macros when
dawn/dusk occurs, the output shown on a wall clock seems irrelevant.
Indeed, our agreement to observe DST does not change the time when
dawn/dusk really occurs (in a celestial sense). It only changes how we
agree to map our clocks' readout in relation to dawn/dusk.

Looking carefully for the first time, this is shown in the data on the
Statistics dialog. When DST is NOT checked, the times shown for
dawn/dusk change for every list entry in a fairly smooth and regular
progression/regression. However, when DST is checked, a large (1 hour)
discontinuity in this pattern is introduced at the points where DST
starts and ends. This just handles the difference between the DST state
when the macros are downloaded and the DST state when the CM11A's
interface clock is set.

If I lived in a state like Arizona (I live in Washington state) which
does not observe DST, I would always be on "standard" time and dawn/dusk
triggered macros would still run fine. So it seems to me that if I simply:

(a) uncheck the DST box,
(b) download my marcos into the CM11A,
(c) ensure that the time on the CM11A is set during a period when my
computer is NOT on DST, and
(d) disconnect the CM11A from my computer (which it is unless I am
changing something)

I should be just fine. The CM11A's internal clock will be on "standard"
time and the macro triggers will always be relative to "standard" time
(according to the Statistics dialog). Since everything in my simple
setup happens only relative to dawn/dusk times, everything should be

David White wrote:
> Knowing that the dates for DST are changing in the US, I have been
> trying to figure out if I need to do anything (or can do anything) in my
> old Active Home setup.
> I have a simple setup and only run macros from the CM11A module which is
> not connected to my PC. My macros only run in relation to Dawn/Dusk. I
> don't have any that are driven by specific times.
> Do I need to change anything? It would seem that dawn/dusk does not care
> about DST and such. So I would guess not. However, I did have the DST
> checkbox checked when I downloaded macros into the CM11A. I have no idea
> how the CM11A works so maybe I do have to make some changes.
> It seems that the UI of Active Home will permit me to manually enter
> dates for begin/end of DST. The values shown today do not correspond to
> those shown in my Windows setup (which has already been updated to
> reflect the change in DST) so I presume that Active Home does NOT get
> its info from Windows - or at least not directly. I'd rather not have to
> manually change this year in and out. So if any changes are needed, if
> this can be avoided, that would be great!
> Thanks for you input/help.

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