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Above Black

 http://above-black.blogspot.com/2007/02/black-bird-cias-homing-device-birds.html . What is project above black? Who was involved? Nobody knows the existance of extra terrestrials? What the Government doesn't want you to know can't hurt you.  And before anyone judges me one more time I invite you to go through what I have. Think twice before insulting me.

During his tour of Europe and the Middle East he wrote a popular collection of travel letters which were compiled as The Innocents Abroad in 1869. http://above-black.blogspot.com/2007/02/ahh-yes-book-above-black.html

This is not merely just a random message but more of a article to help you build much needed content on the web.  I have been re-searching birds lately and have found that they are facinating creatures.  So you like to read? Good I hope you also like to listen because the things I know could fill a book baby.
What are you looking for in a man?  Rich? Domineering? Engineering? Dominatricks? or more....

I will not be happy untill the entire internet is stuffed to the nutz with my bad grammar.

Cheers, SgT Maz Steering by Armstrong. Got Milk?

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