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Re: Recommendation for distributed IO

Check out the 1-wire stuff from Maxim.  It can be done with only a usb
port on the server, and many (cheap) devices are availible for

The usb->1-wire device is ~$20, but you need to do some programming.
I'm currently controlling/monitoring about 20 points with this

See www dot eclipsehomeauto dot com

email me at homeauto at eclipsehomeauto dot com

wdoe999@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi - I'm looking for recommendations for inexpensive distributed IO
> boards for home automation.
> I'd like to monitor and control a few points around the house.  I'm
> thinking of remote IO boards that talk serially to a central control
> board (or maybe just a central linux box).  I've seen a few IO boards
> here and there, with not too bad prices (around $50 US).  However,
> they tend to have a lot of IO per board.  Is there something out there
> that is even smaller and cheaper?  Let's say 1 to 4 IO points per
> board, connected in a daisy chain.  Thanks.

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