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X10 pro versus Furman sound

Hello all.....I recentlly installed some X10 pro devices in my familly
room, nothing too fancy just a "XPFM" receiver module and a "XPT1" to
control a track lighting strip that I needed to cover the existing
switch box with a book case. My problem came in when I powered up my
home audio/video system. I have a decent, extended system that
includes a Furman Sounds brand power factor correcting power
conditioner. all of my A/V equipment takes power from the conditioner.
Evidently the conditioner dumps any or all trash back on the system
since when powered on my X10 will not switch state. (it works fine
when the conditioner is powered off)
I am thinking about installing a "XPF" wire in filter at my panel and
connected to the A/V systems breaker but I have concerns about the
conditioner. Is their any reason any one is aware of why the Furman
would not play nice with conditioning its power source? I would be
connecting between the breaker and the circuits conductor and would
not get into the furman power cord or internal wireing .

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