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Preventing disease in your garden

Preventing disease, and controlling any diseases that do occur, is a vital part of building a successful garden. Whether you are a casual weekend gardener or a grower of championship blooms, keeping your garden healthy is important.

Of course the best way to enjoy a healthy garden year after year is to keep your plants as healthy and well cared for as possible.  Healthier plants are better able to fight off infections and resist damage by common insects.

 Unfortunately, however, there are a number of common plant ailments that are entirely beyond the control of even the best gardener.  The common bacterial infection known as fireblight, for instance, can easily penetrate plants if it rains at the right time of year.  In order to prevent this infection, the gardener would need to be able to control the weather, and this is one thing that is definitely beyond their control.

In addition, other common plant ailments are difficult to detect at first.  For instance, the mosaic virus, which often affects bare root roses, rarely displays any symptoms that would notify the gardener of its presence until it is too late.

In order to protect your garden from disease and keep your plants vigorous and healthy, it is important to follow these important steps:

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