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Re: Singing light bulb on dimmer switch

On Sat, 20 May 2006 03:22:00 -0400, "David D."
<daviddiamond.remove-if-not-spam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Most light bulbs hum loudly when dimmed via a dimmer switch.

That's not been my experience.

>A few are ok,
>because they contain extra filament supports at critical positions.

I only have three dimmers for lights, but I've never had a lightbulb
hum because of one.  Until a couple weeks ago, I was using a 150 watt
bulb in a desk lamp with a built-in dimmer right next to me.
Unfortunately, I knocked the lamp off the table and broke the bulb so
I don't have it, but I think it was the standard GE 150 watt bulb they
sell in supermarkets.

In the dining room I also have a 150 with a dimmer, and I'll check the
brand if you want me too.  I only have to take off the cover.  It's
probably not G-40 since I've never heard of that, so let me know if
you want me to check.

Otherwise, I'd say just try a different brand.

>My hanging (swag) kitchen tiffany-style light takes a G40-150w bulb.  It
>hums badly when dimmed.
>(1) Is there a brand of G40-150 bulb that does not hum when dimmed?
>(2) Alternatively, is there a small, in-line filter available, or a
>filtered, table-top dimmer switch, that would create a smoother
>short-duty-cycle output than the intermittent, alternating square-wave
>created by a typical dimmer switch?   Would that be safe for a household
>lamp application?  Would that eliminate the audible humming?
> - David

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