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Re: Singing light bulb on dimmer switch

"mm" <NOPSAMmm2005@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Sat, 20 May 2006 16:35:29 GMT, CJT <abujlehc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> >I wonder whether a rectifier and capacitor between the dimmer and the
> >lamp would work (then the lamp would see DC).  I bet somebody here
> >knows whether that would wreak havoc with the dimmer.
> Since the output of the dimmer is still AC, that would dim it further.
> by cutting the current in half, unless you used  something like a
> bridge rectifier (4 diodes arranged in a square) that is full wave.
> (Sorry, maybe htat is what you mean to begin with.)
>  Then you'd be running yhour lightbulb on DC, and I would be very
> intersted in how well that would work.

It would probably work, but, as a safety precaution, I would not want to try
it.   With AC, one would usually survive a mometary shock.  110-volt DC can
burn severely.

  - David

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