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Re: Singing light bulb on dimmer switch

Years ago I tried to use a bridge and two 40mF 450V caps to banish some
nasty hum coming from two chandeliers, each with five 50W bulbs. Way too
much load for the caps. The hum remained and the caps were seconds away from
exploding due to their instant heat buildup. It might have worked with a
smaller load.
"David D." <daviddiamond.remove-if-not-spam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "mm" <NOPSAMmm2005@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> On Sat, 20 May 2006 16:35:29 GMT, CJT <abujlehc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> >I wonder whether a rectifier and capacitor between the dimmer and the
>> >lamp would work (then the lamp would see DC).  I bet somebody here
>> >knows whether that would wreak havoc with the dimmer.
>> Since the output of the dimmer is still AC, that would dim it further.
>> by cutting the current in half, unless you used  something like a
>> bridge rectifier (4 diodes arranged in a square) that is full wave.
>> (Sorry, maybe htat is what you mean to begin with.)
>>  Then you'd be running yhour lightbulb on DC, and I would be very
>> intersted in how well that would work.
> It would probably work, but, as a safety precaution, I would not want to
> try
> it.   With AC, one would usually survive a mometary shock.  110-volt DC
> can
> burn severely.
>  - David

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