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Re: new home wiring questions

I've been busy running wire.  I have enjoyed the work actually.  It is
good to know a little about what is behind your walls.

I have a few 2 places that I have consolidated "zones" (one in the
family room/living room corridor and 2 zones in the basement).  So I am
in a similar situation like above where I talked about wanting 1 volume
control controlling 4 speakers.  I understand the idea of runnning the
speakers in parallel from the volume control to the 4 speakers. My
question now is that I actually have run 2 14/4 speaker wire from my
media control center right along a single volume control (I planned on
continuing to the next volume control with 1 of the cables.)  Does it
make any sense (or would it be bad?) to have multiple "inputs" to the
volume control?  (in addition to the multiple "outputs" I will already
be doing to run the speakers in parallel).  Am I making any sense? (I
am kinda sleepy).   I could remove 1 of the cables but it would be a
pain right now.  If it doesn't give me anything positive then I guess I
will have extra cable not connected to anything.


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