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Re: X10 .. Yes Or No? How good are the Cameras?

Don't waste your time unless you really can't afford anything better.
The quality is terrible, and the picture is nonexistant in low light,
though I don't have experience with B&W. I had a lot of problems
getting the wireless to work also.
X10 uses CMOS cameras, and you need CCD for good enough resolution to
actually be able to identify people. Varifocal lenses let you focus the
camera on a specific location.
If you are going to put in more than one camera, it is best if you set
up one power source to supply low voltage power to all the cameras. I
think you could run the power and video feed over the same cat5 cable
this way. You need a BNC to twisted pair adapter for this. You could
then connect the power supply for all the cameras to a UPS.

Randy R

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