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Re: Temperature control--why?

I have mine all connected to the security and home automation computer.
Whenever I head out the door and trip the security system, the combination
sets the thermostats to different settings.  If I am just away, it turns
things a couple of degrees in some areas of the home.  It may go up during
the summer or down in winter.  For longer terms, I just put in vacation mode
and the amount of change is much greater.  It also turns the water heater
off.  There are also different lighting sequences that are enabled based on
the security system level settings.  For vacations, it even turns off the
water supply to the house so it can't leak.

Security settings also adjust the frequency of the system taking video
captures as well as the number saved.

Lots of things can be controlled using a combiniation of security system,
HVAC, Lighting, Cameras.




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"Shaun Eli" <missingchild@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> This may not exactly answer your question, but:
> Before I had central A/C installed I plugged my window and wall air
> conditioners into X-10 appliance modules.  I have a phone controller.
> So rather than have the air conditioners on a timer, I could simply
> call and turn them on before leaving work, ensuring my house was at the
> right temperature when I got home.  If I'd simply put them on timers
> they'd often be on when I didn't need them to be, since I didn't always
> come home at the same time.  And sometimes I didn't need to turn them
> on at all.
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