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Re: Howto: X10 lights on conduit boxes for barn

Happy wrote:
> I tried to use X-10 lamp modules in my attic in southeast Virginia and they
> failed to function well in the winter.  And we have relatively mild winters
> here.
> "Bill" <billmacqnews@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:zq2dnX0bAqqNAObZRVn-rw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >I imagine that it gets pretty cold in that barn in the Vermont winter.  Has
> >this system worked reliably during last winter?  I don't have any
> >temperature specs for X-10 modules, but I tried a "Socket Rocket" on an
> >outdoor flood light last winter.  I worked fine above 45 degrees F.  but
> >below that would not turn on.
> >
> > Bill
I had good results last Christmas when I visited home and brought the
Cabin up from below freezing. As I recall all the X10 stuff worked

I'll report my results THIS Winter.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!

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