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Re: Help with CM15A

First, the US X-10 RF devices use 310MHz and the European X-10 RF devices
use 433.92MHz. While that's probably not an issue here, it avoids confusion
to get the details correct.

I'm not familiar with the CM19A. It appears to be the same as the CM17A but
with a USB interface. What software comes with it? I would normally assume
it uses 310MHz but some of the PC connected devices (especially those sold
under ATI's brand) use 433.92MHz. What is the FCC ID number on the remote
for the CM19A or on the CM19A itself?

You probably will get better answers in the forum on X-10's web site. There
has been almost no traffic here about the CM15A. There was at least one
person (Thierry Parent, in France, if memory serves) who was using the CM15A
on 230V but I don't know whether there is any software that will allow it to
control the Ninja base. The Ninja positioning is done by direct RF while
ON/OFF is done with standard X-10 powerline commands.

Why did you buy the Ninja? There is a European equivalent. The European RF
devices output a much higher RF signal and have far, far more range than
those made for North America.

Unless you have the CR14A remote, the CM15A is probably the only device you
have that can send the Ninja positioning commands but I do not know whether
X-10's software incorporates that. Initially, there was no way to control
the RF transmitter (310MHz) inside the CM15A but that may have changed by

"Zenon" <zenonas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I need some help. I own 4 cameras which I bought in the UK. I also
>bought a remote control and the tranceiver, hence everything was
>working nicely. I then decided to buy 4 motion detectors and a Ninja
>base from the USA (X0.com) as well as ActiveHome and Vanguard software.
>My problem is that I need to convert the CM15A so that it will work
>with 240V. In this way I will be able to benefit from the goods of both
>worlds, i.e. use my cameras and send the RF signalling either to the UK
>tranceiver (400MHz) or to the ActiveHome transceiver (CM15A -315MHz).
>In theory it seems logical, however I was unable to do it. I bought a
>230V to 110V AC-AC converter, which is OK for other US devices, however
>when I use the US remote to switch the cameras or the Vanguard (via the
>CM19A), it doesn't work.
>Can someone please help?

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