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New update: Adaptive Home Logic v1.01

Adaptive Home Logic v1.01 is now available for download.

"Dependable, easy-to-understand, flexible Home Automation Software for
Windows XP. Featuring Two-Way Speech, X10, RS-232 / RS-485, Digital
I/O, Remote Access, Screen Overlay Scenes, Sun Rise/Set times, + more!"

This is a significant update that integrates the power & integrity of
SQL (zero-configuration), and support for Windows Script Host for
advanced users that wish to plug-in their own VBScript (Visual Basic
Script) or JScript (Java Script) routines into the program to provide
additional or specialist functionality, complex 'if-then-else'
scenarios, etc.

Support is also provided for RS-485 (multi-drop serial network) and X10
via the CM11 or Firecracker Power Line Interfaces.

Please see our new updated website for details.


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