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Re: Computer-Controlled Power Outlet

On Thu, 08 Jun 2006 14:09:41 -0700, Liz wrote:

> All,
> I know nothing about home automation and am not sure this is the right
> place, but it's the closest I can find.  I would like to buy a power
> strip or similar device which I can turn on and off via commands from a
> computer.
> I don't have funky devices which can receive commands, just a regular
> lamp.  I'd like to turn it on, leave it on, plug it into an outlet my
> computer can control and program my computer so that when a certain
> thing happens, it turns the power on or off at the "outlet" the lamp is
> plugged into.
> This is for my cubicle at work, so I can't rewire anything - it needs
> to be a power strip or box I plug into a regular outlet.
> If anyone knows of something I can buy to do this, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Liz


The kit includes a lamp module so is probably all you need by way
of hardware.  Note that some problems have been reported with the
ActiveHome software on Windows XP, however third-party software to
control the CM11A computer interface is readily available.

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