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Help with CM15A


I need some help. I own 4 cameras which I bought in the UK. I also
bought a remote control and the tranceiver, hence everything was
working nicely. I then decided to buy 4 motion detectors and a Ninja
base from the USA (X0.com) as well as ActiveHome and Vanguard software.
My problem is that I need to convert the CM15A so that it will work
with 240V. In this way I will be able to benefit from the goods of both
worlds, i.e. use my cameras and send the RF signalling either to the UK
tranceiver (400MHz) or to the ActiveHome transceiver (CM15A -315MHz).
In theory it seems logical, however I was unable to do it. I bought a
230V to 110V AC-AC converter, which is OK for other US devices, however
when I use the US remote to switch the cameras or the Vanguard (via the
CM19A), it doesn't work.

Can someone please help?

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