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Re: Howto: X10 lights on conduit boxes for barn

I tried to use X-10 lamp modules in my attic in southeast Virginia and they
failed to function well in the winter.  And we have relatively mild winters

"Bill" <billmacqnews@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I imagine that it gets pretty cold in that barn in the Vermont winter.  Has
>this system worked reliably during last winter?  I don't have any
>temperature specs for X-10 modules, but I tried a "Socket Rocket" on an
>outdoor flood light last winter.  I worked fine above 45 degrees F.  but
>below that would not turn on.
> Bill
> <terry@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1148834360.504035.11010@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>I wanted to use x10 to independently control four 300W Halogen lights
>> on the ceiling of my recently-built barn.  I am using gray 3/4" PVC
>> conduit and boxes with wires pulled inside for all wiring in the barn
>> which is unheated thru Vermont winters. I wanted to mount X10 modules
>> right inside each box that the lights mounted on.  I looked at using
>> appliance modules, but I would have to make 3 wired connections to the
>> plugs, and find a way to glue or attach the module so that the settings
>> could be changed from outside.
>> Luckily I found that an X10 SuperSocket module slides nicely right
>> inside the Gray PVC Carlin boxes I am using from Home Depot. Drill two
>> holes, and add a load connection on a plug blade, and you're ready to
>> install.  Now I can turn any of the 4 lights on and off from a PalmPad
>> or PowerHome.
>> How It Worked is shown at http://terryking.us/photos/x10lights/
>> This could also be used with a blank cover, to make a conduit-inline
>> X10 switch.
>> Any comments, suggestions, pointers to similar stuff appreciated!
>> Regards, Terry King  ...On The Mediterranean in Carthage
>> (Back ...In The Woods In Vermont for the Summer)

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