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I don't doubt the company exists but I seriously doubt the PLC-BUS product
line exists.

Do you have a URL for "PLCBUS Technical Informations.pdf"?

The press release makes it clear that they licensed the technology from a
company in Holland rather than from PCS.

"Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>this company do exist, I have bought X-10 switches from them. I also have
>send emails asking about their similarity with UPB, but as you might have
>expected, no good answers regarding technical questions.
>Saying that this technology has nothing to do with UPB, I think it is too
>premature. If you have downloaded UPB_Overview.pdf from UPB and "PLCBUS
>Technical Informations.pdf", I believe you would say there is something
>between the two (At least their presentation format and general
>informations). Go to "UPB Communications Summary" on page 6 of the first pdf
>file and compare it with "3. Product Definition Product Features" on page 18
>in the second pdf file. You would be surprise on how similar the two.
>My suspicion is that UPB licences the tecnology to this company with the
>agreement that S-10 can use a different software protocol and market them
>with different name. In terms of hardware signalling, I guess both of them
>are at least almost the same.
>Just my two cents.
>Best Regards,
>"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> That's not encouraging since China's Labor's Day holidays were May 1-7.
>> A little more sleuthing on their various web pages turned up this link on
>> the origins of PLC-BUS. It appears to have nothing to do with UPB.
>>     http://www.x10bus.com/customercare/news-20.htm
>> I really doubt that it even exists outside the imagination of whoever
>> created the press releases.
>> veekaydee@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>Dave Houston wrote:
>>>> Jo,
>>>> Your best approach is to send email to info@xxxxxx asking the questions
>>>> you
>>>> have directly.
>>>done that ten times minimum.. no response  still on holidays "labour
>>>day" :-)
>>>will want to order but not encourging response   i.e. no response to
>>>mails /leaving queries on the site /calling 800 number
>>>if any of you get lucky  let me know as well

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