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The details of the UPB serial protocol are included in their PDF "UPB
Powerline Interface Module (PIM) Description" available from their web site.

"Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have some technical material regarding this PLCBUS, I can email it to you
>if you want to investigate any further. I also have some informations
>downloaded from PCS (UPB inventor).
>From what I see, both informations from PLCBUS and PCS are "almost the
>same". I know that PCS is the first to use this similar technology without
>any doubt.
>The reason I raise this issue, because I want to incorporate PLCBUS devices
>as they are 220V products and has the advantages of UPB. But if it is not
>compatible with my HAI OmniPro, then it is not possible to do so.
>By the way, does anyone know how HAI UPB serial connection work? Is it
>emitting an ascii text ouput to control UPB device via their PIM? Or is it
>binary command? Just cross my mind that I might be able to make an interface
>between the PLCBUS transmitter and HAI.
>Thanks for your response.
>"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> They don't provide much technical data on their web page...
>>     http://www.plcbus.com.cn/
>> But there is enough to see that it is not UPB. They say it's low frequency
>> spread spectrum and can send 10 commands per second. It is two-way and
>> supports 64000 addresses. Their RF remote can send their commands and can
>> also send X-10 commands. They claim there's no need for filters (color me
>> dubious) nor couplers and say it can coexist with other PLC systems. It's
>> worthy of investigation.
>> "Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>Has anybody heard about PLCBUS? Is it the 220-240V version of the UPB?

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