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UPB discharges a capacitor to generate a (noise) pulse. It would be a bit of
a stretch to call that spread spectrum. If it were on a 50Hz system it would
be capable of 200 bits per second which is 200/8 or 25 bytes per second. UPB
uses a variable command length which can be 7-25 bytes long. Even with the
shortest command, that's 25/7 or just under 6 commands per second (with the
longest command it becomes 1 command per second) as opposed to PLCBUS which
says they can send 10 commands per second.

The English version of their web site is difficult reading because the
English is awkward so I suppose it might be UPB based. They indicate they
licensed the technology from a US software company called Magma. Whether
that's related to PCS, I don't know.

Your best approach is to send email to info@xxxxxx asking the questions you
have directly.

"Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I have some technical material regarding this PLCBUS, I can email it to you
>if you want to investigate any further. I also have some informations
>downloaded from PCS (UPB inventor).
>From what I see, both informations from PLCBUS and PCS are "almost the
>same". I know that PCS is the first to use this similar technology without
>any doubt.
>The reason I raise this issue, because I want to incorporate PLCBUS devices
>as they are 220V products and has the advantages of UPB. But if it is not
>compatible with my HAI OmniPro, then it is not possible to do so.
>By the way, does anyone know how HAI UPB serial connection work? Is it
>emitting an ascii text ouput to control UPB device via their PIM? Or is it
>binary command? Just cross my mind that I might be able to make an interface
>between the PLCBUS transmitter and HAI.
>Thanks for your response.
>"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> They don't provide much technical data on their web page...
>>     http://www.plcbus.com.cn/
>> But there is enough to see that it is not UPB. They say it's low frequency
>> spread spectrum and can send 10 commands per second. It is two-way and
>> supports 64000 addresses. Their RF remote can send their commands and can
>> also send X-10 commands. They claim there's no need for filters (color me
>> dubious) nor couplers and say it can coexist with other PLC systems. It's
>> worthy of investigation.
>> "Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>Has anybody heard about PLCBUS? Is it the 220-240V version of the UPB?

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