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I could not get into their website just now, but it is in the donwload link
on www.plcbus.com.cn.

If you have a yahoo mail or any other email that have anti spam, maybe I
could send both pdf files to you.

BTW, they do have their PLCBUS product lines, I've got their price list.
Just not sure should buy or not for compatibility reason with OmniPro II.
They suggest using their X-10 to PLCBUS transceiver which I do not interest
as this scheme still using X-10.

W. Utomo
"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I don't doubt the company exists but I seriously doubt the PLC-BUS product
> line exists.
> Do you have a URL for "PLCBUS Technical Informations.pdf"?
> The press release makes it clear that they licensed the technology from a
> company in Holland rather than from PCS.
> "Jo" <utomow2005@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>this company do exist, I have bought X-10 switches from them. I also have
>>send emails asking about their similarity with UPB, but as you might have
>>expected, no good answers regarding technical questions.
>>Saying that this technology has nothing to do with UPB, I think it is too
>>premature. If you have downloaded UPB_Overview.pdf from UPB and "PLCBUS
>>Technical Informations.pdf", I believe you would say there is something
>>between the two (At least their presentation format and general
>>informations). Go to "UPB Communications Summary" on page 6 of the first
>>file and compare it with "3. Product Definition Product Features" on page
>>in the second pdf file. You would be surprise on how similar the two.
>>My suspicion is that UPB licences the tecnology to this company with the
>>agreement that S-10 can use a different software protocol and market them
>>with different name. In terms of hardware signalling, I guess both of them
>>are at least almost the same.
>>Just my two cents.
>>Best Regards,
>>"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> That's not encouraging since China's Labor's Day holidays were May 1-7.
>>> A little more sleuthing on their various web pages turned up this link
>>> on
>>> the origins of PLC-BUS. It appears to have nothing to do with UPB.
>>>     http://www.x10bus.com/customercare/news-20.htm
>>> I really doubt that it even exists outside the imagination of whoever
>>> created the press releases.
>>> veekaydee@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>>>Dave Houston wrote:
>>>>> Jo,
>>>>> Your best approach is to send email to info@xxxxxx asking the
>>>>> questions
>>>>> you
>>>>> have directly.
>>>>done that ten times minimum.. no response  still on holidays "labour
>>>>day" :-)
>>>>will want to order but not encourging response   i.e. no response to
>>>>mails /leaving queries on the site /calling 800 number
>>>>if any of you get lucky  let me know as well

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