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Re: Dial-up security/automation assistance request

In article <JIqdnV5mgqcysBbZnZ2dneKdnZydnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Not Me <NotMe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Greetings -
>We will be remodeling our rural cabin later this year and would like to
>implement some automation in the home when we remodel.
>Nearly all of the walls will have their sheetrock removed so we will be able
>to do extensive wiring.
>The home is quite rural so only has dial-up internet service.
>Would it be possible to use a pc running Win Server 2003 or a variant to
>install automation including furnace control, light control and security?
>How would you control this remotely?  Could you connect to the computer
>through the modem or would you have to buy a telephone interface?

Advice:  forget using the Internet.

IF you're going to use Windows, put a modem on the box, set it for 'auto-
answer', and configure _RAS_.  Then, you can, from another modem-equipped
Windows box, dial out _directly_ to the box at the cabin, and do whatever
needs doing.

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