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Re: new home wiring questions

Thanks for the calming effects of your words.  :-)

Always something else that comes to mind getting into the details....

(1) It looks like I will need a speaker selector box -- the ones I have
found are already impedance matching.  If I go with one of these then
do I need impedance matching volume controls too?  Or do I not need a
impdedance matching speaker selector?  Is there a sound quality
difference on whether to use an impedance matching volume control?

(2) For the downstairs dinining room/living room my wife has decided
she just wants 1 volume control.  Should I daisy chain the speakers (L
to L,R to R) or run all 4 speakers to one volume control?  Do most of
the volume controls handles 4 speakers?  If they say they handle up to
12 gauge in the volume control unit can I fit 2 14 gauge wires??

(3) Do most in wall or ceiling speakers need special hardware brackets
to install.  For the c800 for one example?  Also some speakers like the
c800 you mention also have an optional box for sound absorption -- when
is this worthwhile/when is it not?  It seems like if I don't want the
audio to bleed into different zones it would be more useful.  Is this
the main reason?


Thanks for the help!


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