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Re: new home wiring questions

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 23:08:20 +0000 (UTC), rodd@xxxxxxxxx (Rod
Dorman) wrote:

> In article <1140146542.047852.211570@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> vluke <virtualluke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >  ...
> >I am a little worried after looking at my electrician's run of power.
> >I see lots of places near receptactles where I was hoping to have a
> >cat6 jack.  I don't see any easy way to stay far away from the power
> >lines -- I will try my best.  Would using pieces of metal conduit to
> >hold segments of a cat6 run help if I  need to run near power (as in,
> >will this protect against interference)?

There's no need to worry, friend.  Keep the wires separate as
much as possible.  It won't hurt anything if they are close for a
few feet of parallel run up / down to outlet height.  It's the
long, parallel runs across the basement ceiling or up from
basement to second floor that are of concern.

Where possible, bring your cable into the wall in a separate stud
bay from the electrical stuff.  Then make a hole through a stud
top bring your cable over to the desired location.

> If it really is shielded and you ground it appropriately that should
> greatly reduce the possibility of interference.

Agreed.  Just use normal care in running your cables.  Keep them
apart as much as possible, but don't worry about a inches / feet
of close runs.


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