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Re: new home wiring questions

Ethernet and speaker level signals are generally not affected by A/C
interference. Ethernet runs at too high of a frequency and is balanced
(common mode rejection if you want to look it up on Google). The A/C
induction for speaker level signals will be impossible to hear, there just
isn't enough signal leakage to drive the speaker. (But, this is not true for
line level or mic level audio signals where you might get interference. Or
you might get interference in your audio components or from ground loops.
You should try to run lighting on a separate power phase.).

Also, if you run other signals on your Cat6 (particularly unbalanced
signals) you may have some interference in which case you should try to keep
the cable 12 inches away from A/C and if the cables have to cross they
should do so perpendicular to each other. If you use conduit, you should put
the A/C in the conduit.

"vluke" <virtualluke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> some great advice guys.  I have been convinced of the error of my ways
> with regard to coax.  I also now plan on running cat5e to the various
> volume control boxes (not that I am going to initially do anything with
> them).  Seems prudent for the future.
> I am a little worried after looking at my electrician's run of power.
> I see lots of places near receptactles where I was hoping to have a
> cat6 jack.  I don't see any easy way to stay far away from the power
> lines -- I will try my best.  Would using pieces of metal conduit to
> hold segments of a cat6 run help if I  need to run near power (as in,
> will this protect against interference)?
> What do I need to worry about as far as separation from other cables
> with my 14/2 or 14/4 speaker wire.  What distance separation should the
> speaker wire have with both the cat6 and power?
> I really appreciate all the suggestions!
> Thanks,
> Luke

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