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Re: Creating a home Ethernet out of installed but unused Cat 5

How do you define "Mickey Mouse" stuff? By price? Just because a vendor
decides to sell at reasonable prices rather than take the full markup on
the stuff doesn't mean it's any worse. By all means know what you're
buying but don't equate price only to quality.


> dnoyeB wrote:
>> You can get plugs and stuff from belkin.com I think.  I also order
>> stuff from someone called cat5cableguy.com which is very cheap.
>> either place should sell punchdown tool for a few bucks.
> The last place you want to save a few bucks by buying mickey mouse
> stuff is on a network.
>> Once its closed up in the wall, and you plug in the wire, tap the
>> outlet a few times with an eggbeater for good measure :P

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