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Re: new home wiring questions

In article <1140146542.047852.211570@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
vluke <virtualluke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  ...
>I am a little worried after looking at my electrician's run of power.
>I see lots of places near receptactles where I was hoping to have a
>cat6 jack.  I don't see any easy way to stay far away from the power
>lines -- I will try my best.  Would using pieces of metal conduit to
>hold segments of a cat6 run help if I  need to run near power (as in,
>will this protect against interference)?

Didn't you originally say

>I got a great deal (someone I have dealt with needed to reduce his
>inventory quickly...long sory) on some shielded cat6 cable (1000 ft

If it really is shielded and you ground it appropriatly that should
greatly reduce the possibility of interference.

					-- Rod --

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