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Re: Converters for video (NTSC) to VGA ?

Some Guy wrote:
> With an increasing supply of old 15-19" CRT-type VGA monitors, I'd
> rather use them for video monitors (for fixed-output DVD/VCR/CCTV
> viewing) vs give them away.  Are there any chips, schematics, kits, or
> retail units that do a good job of converting video signals (NTSC,
> S-Video, or component video) into 15-pin VGA-compatible signals?
> There has got to be a decent, viable solution here, given the fact
> that there must be a huge turn-over of CRT monitors in favor of LCD...
> ?
There are lots of "decent, viable solutions". Problem is, "Some Guy"
usually wants it for $15.00 ;-). To do fair job of converting the
S-video into the doubled line rate, you need a device with a good "S"
to RGB converter and a field memory + DSP. To do a great job, you need
to buffer 4-6 fields, and have a lot more DSP. So good = $20-$40 (BOM
cost) and great is twice that much. If you just want to buy something:



Frank Raffaeli

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