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Re: Retrofitting existing floodlights

It's pretty easy to replace the fixture you have with a fixture that
has a built-in motion detector-- they cost around $20 or $30.  The more
expensive ones tend to have a wider range (a wider angle of view to
detect motion).  You leave the switch on all the time.  If you want to
turn the lights on regardless of motion, most of them will allow you to
do that by flipping the switch off then on again (then the lights stay
on all night or until you flip it off and on a second time).

Be SURE SURE SURE to turn the power off (obviously) before you start
taking things apart, and it's a good idea to replace the wire nuts (the
colored plastic caps that hold the wires together) when you install the
new fixture.  Some fixtures come with the nuts, but if it doesn't, you
can buy a box for a couple of dollars-- I'm pretty sure they're
color-coded by size and the box should tell you which ones to use based
on how many wires of what size.

If you have other X-10 remote-control stuff in the house, X-10 sells a
motion-detector fixture for $50 (but if you're in no hurry their stuff
is often on sale; a couple of weeks ago I got two for $50) which will
allow you to turn the lights on and off from anywhere in the house, in
addition to the motion-detector feature.  The one drawback is that the
X-10 motion detector's range of view is only 110 degrees, rather

Shaun Eli
Brain Champagne:  Clever Comedy for the Smart Mind (sm)

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