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Re: Retrofitting existing floodlights

In article <1131394817.244764.40690@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
 <colinmc@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>As a newbie to the world of home automation, I have what may be a basic
>In back of my home I have three dual floodlights (with two 75w lamps in
>each) which are switched on and off at a switch inside the house.
>Is it possible to add a motion sensor to the system so that these
>floodlights would become "security lights". If so, what would I need to
>purchase and could I, with my minimal skills, do the installation
>myself? Would I replace the exsiting switch with something else?

You would need to purchase a 'motion sensor'.  <grin>

the 'simple way' is to purchase one for each fixture.

These are a simple, self-contained gizmo that mounts to the junction box
that the lights mount to, and connects to the wiring inside the box.

This is _probably_ something you can handle yourself, *if* the design of the
light fixtures is a 'friendly' one.

You would *not* need to change the existing switch, _but_ the lights
would come on *only* when (a) the wall switch inside is 'on', *AND* something
triggers the motion detector.  And only those lights whose sensor was tripped
would come on.1

To have the lights unconditionally go on when the switch is 'on', and to
to individually turn on by motion detection when the switch is 'off',
requires additional wiring between the switch and each fixture.

If you want _all_ the lights to come on when a single motion detector is
tripped, then a 'replace the wall switch' approach may be indicated.
put an X-10 (or similar) switch in place of the current one, and "somehow"
hook up an (independent of the light fixtures) motion detector to generate
an 'on' signal to that X-10 switch.

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