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Re: Leviton Gigamax 5e vs 5e+

Bob McBob <bob@xxxxxxx> wrote in news:sf65o15sbgnpv43g4shvej8adhj2o75hpg@

> I'm wiring my house for gigabit ethernet and am planning on using the
> Leviton QuickPort jacks.  Is there any reason to buy the 5e+
> (component-rated) instead of the cheaper 5e (channel-rated) plugs?
> The price difference seems to be about 15%.

Considering Gigabit ethernet runs fine over 5e - I'm not sure 5e+ is worth
the extra price.

It also depends on how many jacks you're wiring in your house and your
budget. If you're wiring 10 jacks - 15% isn't that much more to pay. But if
you're going to have 50 - 60 jacks...  that's a different story : )

Stan Kee (spamhoneypot@xxxxxxxxxx)

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