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Re: Cooling attic (and home) by spraying water on roof (shingles) - good/bad?

>> Is there anything written up about residential roof cooling with water
>> spray?
> Besides the glaring fact of WASTING WATER?  Do the math on your water bill
> (or the electric to pump your own well water) and you'll probably find
> it's
> a helluva lot cheaper to just leave the roof alone.  If anything, put in
> an
> attic vent fan.  Water's not as harmless a material as one might imagine.
> The various minerals causing deposits, the likelihood of algae other
> mold/fungus growth and even it's weight are all factors to consider.
> Enough
> that unless the roof was designed with in mind would make it not only a
> bad
> idea but a potentially dangerous one at that.

There's one method of using water to cool the roof/attic that can help.  I
use solar panels to heat my pool.  The pool holds ~30,000 gallons.  There
are eight 4'x10' solar panels on the roof.  Sunlight hitting them warms the
pool -- not the attic.  I've noticed a significant improvement in cool-down
cycle (time it takes to get the house cool again after we've been away) with
the pool heater running.  Since the pool water is being circulated by the
filtration pump during the day anyway, there's almost no *extra* cost to use
the solar panels.


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