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Re: Cooling attic (and home) by spraying water on roof (shingles) - good/bad?

"Some Guy"

> Are the benefits (reduced interior cooling load and increased shingle
> longevity) outweight by (maybe) shingle dammage by water spray if the
> water is used on the hottest, sunniest days in the middle of the
> summer?

Funny thing is that a coworker tried this.  He said it made his shingles
look really old quickly and didn't really do a whole lot other than that.

Perhaps you are good (or bad) at math.  You might start by looking at the
accuracy of your thermometer.  Only a few I know will discern accurately the
1.6 degree drop in temp you say, and they are expensive.  In other words,
the temp could well have gone up with the measurement error added in.
Another thing to consider is the heat capacity of the water, and where that
BTU capacity is best used - perhaps not cooling your roof.  Did your living
space get cooler?  Probably not.  Would a $50 attic fan do a 50x better job?
They do seem popular.  I suspect there is a reason the world isn't equipped
with roof sprinklers.

- Nate

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