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Please help with a new automation launch (media too)

We have a small and new company and we're stumped on how to describe (in an
ad) our Glaucus device.

Briefly it's a non zoned (zoned is OLD tech) UPnP multimedia server (audio &
video via Ethernet).
it's also a Linux based (setup with a browser, easy too) firewall,
router,web server, email server, anti-virus, ftp server, virus & spam
filtering, VPN...
AND it's supports Squeezebox & ROKU players  (and emulates a virtual one it
on it's own soundcard)
PLUS we have in the works using it as a very powerful & web enabled
homeautomation server (like a super JDS stargate (at a similar price!!!) or
a ELK Gold...

We use commercial players. The D-Link DSM-320 can play video & audio
including DIVX & VOBs.

The Slimdevices & ROKU squeezbox devices work great as music players and
we're going to use them as a controller for our home automation (ie alarm
status & thermostat control)

Plus most UPnP players will see our Glaucus server. And on the very cheap
the Netgear MP101 player (quite a bargin)

We are currently building our own line of inexpensive (approx $150 Cdn)
communicating thermostats with a universal RS232/422/485 port (the RCS is
nice but 300baud and the Aprilaire is expensive and easy to crash, also it's

Some of our competition (very expensive too!)
http://www.request.com/us/  approx $8000
http://www.escient.com/ $2500 to start
http://www.kaleidescape.com/ $27000 server,$4000 per player (we don't have
the fancy menus but we can share non copyright video at $250Cdn per player)

Lastly we were thinking of putting on a contest to win some of our products
as a way to get traffic to our site

I'd be happy to get any feedback, this marketing stuff is tough.


william@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (my personal email)


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