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Insteon vs UPB for a high end X10 retrofit


I'm about to buy some new higher end switches, and wanted to go with Insteon
but I'm also looking at UPB.

I've got a box of about 15 X10 switches, 3 ways, IR sensors, motion
detectors, etc. but only about 4 switches wired in the house.
Realistically, I could chuck it all and go with something new, and just use
the old switches in out of the way places, especially if I go with Insteon.

I like the way a keypad with UPB can become an in wall controller but I like
the X10 compatibility of

I really, really like the 'tap the top for on' switches.  I got the
impression Insteon works that way, but with UPB it looks like it would but
I haven't seen this addressed for sure.

Does UPB have a 'tap the top for on' 'tap the bottom for off' true rocker

Both require a neutral wire, correct?

Has anyone seen a real live Insteon module?  So far all the reviews I've
seen are regurgitations of the press releases.

Any thoughts?

        == John ==

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