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Re: TIRA is junk - AVOID IT!

This was over two years ago. It was not a commercial project but was done
gratis for some ALS victims. I wrote some free software to support Slink-e,
Ocelot, GC-100 as targets for USB-UIRT and Firecracker from a laptop mounted
on the chair. I was looking for the lowest cost hardware that could be
utilized for accomplishing the task. Those able to manipulate a PDA could
use some $15 commercial software with a $25 CF card IR extender which I
designed. It did not use Girder. My own health went further down the tubes
shortly afterwards and I no longer have time nor energy for projects like

If I were to do it today I'd use a PIC12F683 + Silicon Labs CP2102 and do it
for $10-15 or I'd duplicate the functions of the GC-100 with a PIC and
ENC28J60 for about $25. And I'd write software myself for Windows, Linux and
PDAs. You're wasting your time. I suspect your company's idea of "reasonable
cost" and mine are many $$$$ apart. ;)

"William" <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>If you don't mind me asking were you going to use girder and windows? Were
>you going to write it yourself? Would an embedded or linux solution be ok?
>Sorry to ask so many questions, I'm designing equipment for the company I
>work for www.digitalglu.com (shameless plug) and we're working on home
>control. We already have whole house audio, UPnP, Squeezebox (the squeezebox
>has a very nice way to send commands to a pc via IR)
>What are the cost restrictions on this project?
>"Dave Houston" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> "William" <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >Hello Dave what exactly are you trying to do with the wheelchair?
>> >Does it have an IR Remote?
>> >I design IR & Microcontroller devices, and I will supply all source code.
>> >I've been doing this sort of thing for decades.
>> I wasn't doing anything with the chair - merely looking to provide a way
>> the occupant to control AV, lights, etc. using any IR remote. The USB-UIRT
>> fills the bill.
>> >PS I really hate the FTDI USB to RS232 chip, I find myself reverse
>> >engineering the EEPROM so I can see what they're doing with the data
>> >Z-Wave USB comes to mind.
>> AFAIK, ZWave has no IR nor anything that interacts with AV gear.

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