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Re: Help with 7 Circuit Project?

"Brett Griffin" <brett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Other manufacturers did a lot to the X-10 products.  I would say a comment
>like that says you are not as knowledgeable as you pass your self off to be.
>Take Lightolier, They were the first company to develop and sell a solution
>to make a professional X-10 installation bullet proof.  The compose and the
>firewall, virtually eliminated noise and signal quality issues, but it
>wasn't at a cost, the firewall cost upwards of a $1000, and they make the
>most expensive X-10 light switches around $100 retail.  Leviton, brought
>Intellisense DHC (Decora Home Controls).  Intellisense was an AGC circuit
>deigned battle the noise commonly found in residential homes.  Did it work,
>yes it worked well, but it was not perfect.  In my home I have a mix of
>Leviton and X-10 brand switches.  I never have a problem with the Leviton
>DHC switches.  The switches work wonderfully and the X-10 branded switches
>work when they want to.  I dont have an option where the X-10 brands are
>because I want a non-dimming switch and there is no neutral present.  Look
>at Smarthome, they are making the X-10 switches better by incorporating a
>dual technology.  So yes other manufacturers make it better and cheaper.

All of which occured a few years AFTER the X-10 patent expired. Prior to
that the other 'brands' that used X-10 technology were assembled on the same
assembly lines as those that carried X-10 labels. Aside from the labels,
they were identical (except for the CM10A made only for IBM).

>> In this context, your 4 digit password is just as secure as 128-bit
>> encryption. Neither does a damn thing to prevent capture and playback of
>> codes. If "rdjy5roigdpb8gv" floats your boat, it will float your boat no
>> matter who sends it. Rolling codes are reasonably secure but are seldom
>> used
>> for anything other than garage doors and for arming/disarming security
>> systems.
>Well the point is they decreased the possibility of home to home

Then why claim it's a security feature? If your neighbor is determined to
"gaslight" you, it can be done with X-10, UPB or Z-Wave. Of course, the high
price of UPB does serve as a deterrent.

And why is it that the same people who complain the most about poor X-10
signal propagation also worry so much about interference from the neighbors?
I can understand it in Europe where there may be hundreds of residences
sharing a utility stepdown transformer but in N. America it should be easily
dealt with.

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