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Re: newbie question : recommended exhibitions for home automation ???

Ditto here in Canada, but would there be any good books that could be
recommended to get one started off on the right track.  I am just starting a
hole dig for my house and would like to wire now as opposed to when the
drywall is up.


"Dave Taylor" <Dave.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> As someone who is soon to embark on building a new house, I really want to
> learn what's possible and what myriad of options are available for home
> automation and homje entertainment systems.   I thought the most obvious
> way would be to get myself to an exhibition - but I'm having trouble
> finding one :-(
> Can anyone recommend an upcoming exhibition on home technology ?   I live
> in Switzerland, but would be willing to travel (at least within europe).
> Thanks

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