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Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

I'm looking for recommendations as to who makes a good quality
CCTV/video camera for out-door use.

I'm putting these under the eves of my house (so no direct exposure to
rain) but they will experience summer heat (up to 90f), winter cold
(down to -20f), as well as lens condensation and fogging (I suppose).

Will hook them up using RG-6 coax (BNC or F connector).

I notice all sorts of different types of cameras, some with IR lights,
large, small, etc.  Would like something that's not particularly
large, yet has high resolution (and color).

Sometimes what you end up buying depends on where you shop - and
although I suppose I could buy from US mail-order, I would do so only
if a Canadian retailer didn't have the camera I really wanted.  So I'm
also looking for a good place to buy from in Canada.

Thanks - and please post responses here (e-mail won't work).

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