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2 100 amp panel coupler help needed

I have 2 100 amp panels side by side and each of them has a sub panel
off of them.  I have intermittent problems from time to time but it is
also a vacation home so I'm not there all of the time.  There is a
leviton whole house blocker coupler (4851) in each of the 100 amp
panels and I have been using one leviton coupler repeater (6201) and a
capacitor in the other 100 amp panel and a capacitor in each of the sub

panels.  This gives me the best performance so far but it is not
perfect. Yes I know it will never be but I'm pretty sure it can be
better.  My elk meter shows at least 1/2 of the scal lit up on 80 to
85% of the house's outlets and of coure then we get very weak on
others.  This place is about 4500 sq ft and 3 stories but less than 5
years old.  The furtherest point from the panels is very weak which is
after the sub panel that runs off of the panel without the repeater.
Do you think somethin like an ACT CR134 would boost the signal enough
and since the 2 main panels have 4851's on them ???  I do have both
4851's off for now anbd that gets me the best signal for now.  When i
put both of them on it weakens the far end to the point that i loose a
whole room totally.  "Uncle Phil" has never addressed the setup with 2
100 amp panels with 2 blockers on them as of now and I have been
waitn=ing for him to do in his next (if coming) article.  Again if you
have a 2 panel setup and it is working good for you maybe you can give
some pointers.  Is the ACT CR134 really an amplifier or should I just
try an additional 6201 ??  Ther is one pr511 installed and under a
certain condition it can be made to ping-pong with the repeater (6201)
as my setup is now but I can live with or without the pr511 if
Thanks in advance for any and all posts.
Carl Ford
PM accepted if requested here

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