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Re: Power line bridge?

Try the 220V appliance first. If that doesn't affect the two problem modules
look for an appliance that is only on when the problem is present. It could
be either causing noise or attenuating the X-10 100kHz.

Some folks have used 0.1µF/600V capacitor as a bridge. I'd suggest using an
X2 rated cap.

"Gary Spence" <whob4me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Two X10 applaince modules refused to respond to on or off commands last
>night. Tried turning off and on all kinds of things with no change.  This
>morning they both work properly. Again tried on and off on various items
>that were running last night with no effect. No 220v appliances were
>running.  Didn't think to try turning on a 220v appliance!
>Suspected last night that I probably needed a bridge on the power lines but
>now wonder if it could be some kind of interference from one of the
>neighbors?  I have a total of  9 appliance/lamp modules outside and inside,
>running christmas lights, and only these two (on the same circuit) are
>giving trouble.  Don't know what phases they are on as this is my first
>christmas in this house.
>What is in a bridge?  I have some .01mf 1000v ceramic capacitors.. Would one
>across the two phases do the job?
>Will try turning on the electric stove oven and or the electric dryer if it
>happens again.
>Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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