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Re: Flourescent kills X10

Certain loads create line noise that interfere with X10 signals. You
might try a different brand bulb as that can make a significant
difference. X10 is a 30+ year old technology that has always been a bit
buggy. Newer technologies like Insteon, Zigbee, and UPB advertise that
they don't suffer the same problems.


> Arrrrgh.  I finally got one flourescent light to work on an appliance
> module and not blink, turn back on when turned-off, etc...   What a
> PAIN IN THE A$$!!!!
> Now, the stupid appliance module on the same circuit down the line
> will not receive X10 commands whenever the one up-stream is on, only
> when the flourescent up-stream is off!!!
> The sad thing is that controlling these flourescent lights are WHY I
> BOUGHT this X10 crap!  All the marketing SPAM said it would work.  The
> just didn't mention that you couldn't control two modules on the same
> line if the first one is already on.
> So now I've spent hours searching mods and trying to figure out which
> ones would work just to get to this point.
> Anyone know what I can do short of replacing the lights with
> incandescent to make this crap work?  I guess I could write a macro to
> always control the upstream module first for all commands.  Maybe that
> might work, but I'm sure there's some problem that I'll run into!
> Extremely frustrated,
> Keith

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