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The Mortgage Manager

Breakthrough Software Allows You To:

* Save Thousands of Dollars Without Refinancing!

* Cut Years Off Your Mortgage Without Increasing Your Payment!

* Build Equity in Your Home 300% Faster!

* Audit your Loan Automatically to Find Lender Mistakes Which Occur 50%
                  of The Time According To the FDIC!

The Service is Free - Nothing To Purchase

Windows Installation:
For a Complete Mortgage Savings Analysis, insert diskette into drive A:
and click START.  Select RUN and type A:\SETUP and then press ENTER.
Then Type the CODE: MM-1829, as seen on the diskette.

How To Obtain The Diskette:
* The Software / Service is FREE

* All you pay is the small shipping and handling fee of $5.00 payable by
the following methods:

- PayPal: using email address: ckajua@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( Go to:
www.paypal.com )

- Cash or Personal Check made out to: Chris Ajua

- Mailing Address: 7424 9th Street NW, Dept. MM-1829, Washington, DC


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