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Re: Flourescent kills X10

Yes, there are filters to solve the problem. Have a look at
www.smarthome.com or www.worthdist.com to see them. They have both plug
in and hardwired versions. For the undercounter lights you could
probably use the hardwired one at the j box.  The fixtures you have
contain circuitry that attenuates X10 signals. My reference to bulbs was
based on the incorrect assumption that you were talking about the screw
in compact flourescent bulbs. I too have the undercounter lights but was
lucky enough to pick ones (purely by chance) that caused no problems.


> These flourescent lights are high-end, 13 watt, quick start lights for
> under counter use.  I'm not sure that replacing the bulbs would make
> much difference, but I may try as a last resort.
> I guess I was looking for something like some sort a band-pass filter
> or something that I can put in the up-stream outlet that will bypass
> the flourescent light when on and pass the X10 signal down-stream to
> the next outlet.
> Any other ideas?  Maybe my macro idea is the only practical solution.
> Thanks,
> Keith
> BruceR wrote:
>> Certain loads create line noise that interfere with X10 signals. You
>> might try a different brand bulb as that can make a significant
>> difference. X10 is a 30+ year old technology that has always been a
>> bit buggy. Newer technologies like Insteon, Zigbee, and UPB
>> advertise that they don't suffer the same problems.
>> From:kviator
>> kviator@xxxxxxxxx
>>> Arrrrgh.  I finally got one flourescent light to work on an
>>> appliance module and not blink, turn back on when turned-off,
>>> etc...   What a PAIN IN THE A$$!!!!
>>> Now, the stupid appliance module on the same circuit down the line
>>> will not receive X10 commands whenever the one up-stream is on, only
>>> when the flourescent up-stream is off!!!
>>> The sad thing is that controlling these flourescent lights are WHY I
>>> BOUGHT this X10 crap!  All the marketing SPAM said it would work.
>>> The just didn't mention that you couldn't control two modules on
>>> the same line if the first one is already on.
>>> So now I've spent hours searching mods and trying to figure out
>>> which ones would work just to get to this point.
>>> Anyone know what I can do short of replacing the lights with
>>> incandescent to make this crap work?  I guess I could write a macro
>>> to always control the upstream module first for all commands.
>>> Maybe that might work, but I'm sure there's some problem that I'll
>>> run into!
>>> Extremely frustrated,
>>> Keith

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