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Does a home power meter-base exist which uses BlueTooth?

Hello again,

I was thinking about replacing my home's meter base.

If I got a fancy enough one, I could monitor it in real time.

All of the ones I've ever seen have a serial port.

Not convenient to run wires out to my meter, to begin with. The serial
isn't perfect for long runs, but I can make due...

I don't have a PC near the meter...

But if I could get a wireless meter base, using BlueTooth or perhaps
802.11b with encryption...

Then I'd be happy.

These things are EXPENSIVE. May as well get what I can use.

Running wires ain't cheap... And this way I can move the PC within the
house, without having to change any meter-base's wire's endpoint...

So anybody know of anything?

Dave Houston?

Thankx, in advance...


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