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Re: Window shade drawstrings.

"Patrick D. Rockwell" <hnhc85a@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have 3 shades in my room. The kind that you pull down, and when you want
> to raise them,
> you have to pull them down a bit, and then ease them back up. They don't
> have any strings
> on them. Are there strings that you can clip on to them? Where can I buy
> them? The longer
> the better, as I am in a wheelchair. Thanks in advance.

Yes you can buy them.

They don't normally clip on.  They utilize a small screw with a large
plastic cap (3/8").  You simply locate the exact middle of the shade and
screw it into the wood rail that is inside the bottom of the shade. There is
a string that wraps around the loop, hangs down and terminates in a circle.

They usually extend the length of the shade by about 8". I have never seen
more than the one size,  but you could always extend it with a piece of
string if appearance isn't important.

K-mart used to stock them and sell them for about $1 per shade with the
higbee included .  Lowes or HD may have them.

Here is a link to a picture of them. This price seems a little high to me:


Another option for you to consider if money is not a concern is motorized
cellular shades which can be raised or lowered with a remote control.  The
batteries in the battery version last about a year of normal use.


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